Bracelet with center of pink quartz, beryl, heliodoro, morganite and spherical gosheita



Center bracelet with pink quartz center (flat), beryl, Heliodoro, morganite and spherical gosheita (6.5 mm) and pink shell pearl (4.3 mm). Finished with chain of hearts and closure of carabiner in sterling silver.

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This women's bracelet is composed of several stones, among them, pink quartz in flat size, a stone of a pale pink color.
We happened to find several stones from the Beryl group. The best known, the aquamarine, a precious stone that owes its name to sea water because of the color it brings.

The aquamarine is considered the birthstone of the month of March, being also a stone associated with the zodiacal signs of Gemini, Cancer, Pisces and Libra, bearer of peace and joy.

Next to the heliodorus, a stone in green-yellow tone, whose name comes from the Greek and means "gift of the sun".

In pale tones, we have the morganite, synonymous beryl pink, which are the stones with shades from pink to violet.

It is colorless, the goshenite, which is often used as imitation of the diamond.

We also have the contribution of the pink cocha pearl, grown from the queen conch (Strombus Gigas). They are usually no larger than 10 mm and provide various shades, from pink, to yellow, brown or white.