Slave pom-pom rhodium-plated sterling silver with spherical freshwater pearl



Slave pom-pom of sterling silver rodiada with spherical fresh-water pearl (8-8.5 mm), spherical aquamarines facetadas (10 and 11.70 mm), spherical aquamarine (8.2 mm), spherical heliodoro (8.2 mm), labradorita spherical (6.2 mm) and spherical Iolita (6.2 mm).

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This women's bracelet is composed of a pom pom style of a pupurri of stones in cold tones. Starting from the , they are cultivated in China (Japan) and require a culture time of 3 to 8 years. These beads are characterized by their high level of nacre, the diversity of shapes, colors and sizes, reaching up to 16 mm.

Accompanied by the aquamarine, (in faceted and smooth carvings) a precious stone belonging to the group of beryl, which owes its name to sea water because of the color it brings.
The aquamarine is considered the birthstone of the month of March, being also a stone associated with the zodiacal signs of gemini, cancer, pisces and pound, carrier of peace and joy.

Also from the beryl group, the heliodorus, bringing light with its green-yellow tones, whose name comes from the Greek and means "gift of the Sun".
In contrast to the heliodorus, we have the iolite, of a pale lilac, also known as cordierite or dichroite, usually has a lilac tone with blue hues, which is often easy to confuse with sapphire, tanzanite or spinel. This stone is considered the stone of the inner vision.

And we finish with the labradorite, belonging to the feldspar group. Its name comes from the peninsula of "The Labrador" (Canada). It has shades of gray, ranging from light to dark, even green and blue, to colorless and shimmering metallic tones.
This natural stone is considered a stone that carries light to the soul and daily life, balancing intellectual and intuitive wisdom.