Peridot, moonstone and aquamarine bracelet


Peridot, moonstone (bead cut) and aquamarine bracelet with sterling silver detail and sterling silver T-bar clasp. Available in three sizes.

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Height 17 cm.
Weight 4,3 gr.

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This women bracelet is made of natural stones like agumarina, peridot, apatite and moon stone (bead size), and motifs in silver 925, with silver clasp 925. A combination of very summery colors that gives us serenity .
The center stone is an aquamarine, one belonging to the group of beryl, which is named after the sea water by the color it brings gemstone.

Aqua is considered the birthstone of March and is also a stone associated with the zodiacal signs of Gemini, Cancer, Pisces and Libra, bearer of peace and joy.

Peridot is a gem that is also called Olivine or Chrysolite. It was one of the favorite stones of the Baroque era, with a bright green-yellow color. This natural stone strengthens life brings prosperity and helps relieve depression, anger, fears ...
It is associated with the birth month of August and the zodiac sign of Libra.

This craft, combined with the bracelet belonging to the group of feldspar gems moon stone, her white glow like the moon glow, brings light to the whole. It carries good luck, brings calm. It is the birthstone of June and is associated with the zodiac signs of Taurus and Cancer.

It also carries Apatite gem, its etymology comes from the Greek "cheating", it reflects the ease of confusing it with other stones. Their colors go from colorless to pink, yellow, green, blue, violet ... the specific gemstone for communication is considered, ideal for people who find it hard to explain or even helping very nervous stuttering.
It facilitates understanding, distinguishing the important from the superfluous, reinforcing the power of decision.
This stone relieves feelings of grief, it helps overcome the sadness, frustration, anger, rage and pain, and encourage generosity.