Bracelet with agate and labradorite center spherical



Bracelet with agate and spherical center labradorite motif in sterling silver plated yellow gold. Finished with cotton yarn sliding closure RBR sterling silver-plated yellow gold.

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This bracelet for women, handmade, is made of natural stones such as agate combined with labradorite, a combination of neutral colors perfect for spring.

The center is an agate, flat carving, a gemstone which also belongs to the group of quartz, being a banded chalcedony and concentric layers, which have a hue from green, blue, brown, gray, black, pink, purple ...

This stone has the properties to harmonize the positive and negative forces, being a calming, soothing and provides great strength and determination stone.
Power mental functions, improving concentration, perception, thus being the talisman of the sign Libra and being a stone associated with Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio and Aquarius signs.

To enhance that brown-greyish tone agate, we have chosen the labradorites, which approached a more brown.

Its name comes from the peninsula "El Labrador" (Canada).

It has some color in shades of gray, ranging from light to dark, even green and blue to colorless and shiny metallic shades.

This natural stone is considered a carrier lightstone the soul and daily life, balancing intellectual and intuitive wisdom.

Connect with the energy of bringing serenity universe, away insecurities and fears, purifying negative energies as complex and disappointments.