Labradorite bracelet with spherical and spherical faceted aquamarine



Labradorite bracelet with spherical and spherical faceted aquamarine, sterling silver motifs in yellow gold plated. Finished with cotton thread RBR sliding closure in sterling silver bathed in gold.

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This bracelet for women is made of spherical and faceted aquamarine, labradorite and accompanied by spherical motifs in sterling silver gold-plated to give an elegant touch carry at all times.

Aquamarine, a gemstone belonging to the group of beryl, which owes its name to seawater by the color it brings.
Aqua is considered the birthstone of March and is also a stone associated with the zodiacal signs of Gemini, Cancer, Pisces and Libra, the bringer of peace and joy.

Accompanied by labradorite gives us a fantastic combination of colors perfect for summer because it gives us serenity.
The name labradorite comes from the peninsula "El Labrador" (Canada)
It has some color in shades of gray, ranging from light to dark, even green and blue to colorless and shiny metallic shades.
This natural stone is considered a carrier lightstone the soul and daily life, balancing intellectual and intuitive wisdom.
Connect with the energy of bringing serenity universe, away insecurities and fears, purifying negative energies as complex and disappointments.
It is a stone associated with the zodiac sign of Cancer.