Chrysocolla bracelet discs with balls in sterling silver



Chrysocolla bracelet discs with balls in sterling silver and black rhodium-plated sliding in close RBR in sterling silver rhodium in black.

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This artisan bracelet designed for man is made of chrysocolla, a natural stone that is not known widely such as sapphire, but whose popularity is growing steadily.
Its name comes from the Greek "crysos" gold "Kolla", glue, referring to the material used for welding gold. It has a fatty vitreous luster, with sites in Israel, Mexico, Russia ...
It is easily confused with turquoise and malachite and other stones, but when it grows with them, is called Eilat stone.
When crisocola grows with quartz, it is called "criosocola quartz".

Chrysocolla is a quiet stone that offers support, help you to meditate and to communicate.
Inside the home expels all kinds of negative energies.
Chrysocolla calm, clean and energizes all chakras, aligning them with the divine. Above the solar plexus chakra it makes expel negative emotions; in the throat chakra improves communication and in the heart chakra cure it and infuse the capacity to love.
Psychologically, crisocola promotes self-awareness and inner balance while imparts confidence and sensitivity. Mentally reduces stress and keeps the "cool head", promotes truth and fairness. Emotionally alleviates guilt and brings joy.