Tahiti pearl and labradorite necklace



Tahiti pearl (9 1/2 - 10mm quality AA) and labradorite (bead cut) necklace. Sterling silver T-bar clasp.

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This woman's necklace is made of natural stones and a Tahitian pearl (9 1/2 - 10 mm) accompanied by labradorite (bead size). With silver clasp 925.

This natural pearl gray-black is known as Tahitian pearls, which the vast majority are grown in salt waters of French Polynesia in Tahiti and not as the name suggests. The cultivation time is 2 to 3 years and their sizes ranging from 8 to 18mm.
These pearls are not always black, has a wide range of colors ranging from gray to green iridescence, oranges, magentas and gold, even the most intense blue as cobalt and ending in the black tone.
The color is not a criterion of quality. On the beads is measured by the quality luster, gloss and surface imperfections presents.

In this woman necklace we have combined the tone pearl of Tahiti with labradorite, highlighting the brilliance of this gemstone belonging to the feldspar group. Its name comes from the peninsula "El Labrador" (Canada)
It has some color in shades of gray, ranging from light to dark, even green and blue, until colorless and bright metallic colors. This natural stone is considered a carrier of light the soul stone and daily life, balancing intellectual and intuitive wisdom. Connect with the energy of the universe bringing serenity, away insecurities and fears, negative energies as complex debugging and disappointments.
It is a stone associated with the zodiac sign of Cancer.